7 Days to Die early Alpha 17 review


So yesterday I’ve downloaded 7 days to die experimental Alpha 17. I was curious about it. Invited few friends to join me, cause it is 7DTD. You know – zombies, hordes of it! And so we begin..

From the start

After launching a game you can clearly see that menu is a bit different but very familiar. Same options, all previous games You have created – all there untouched. So I’ve created new private server. Then the waiting started. Still waiting. And waiting..And waiting. So much data loading. I thought it took forever. But we are in!

7DTD Gameplay

New graphics, really better. New small elements in physics and terrain. Bushes in the horizon looks like ZOMBIES! All of it! I think it’s a nice touch. Although, basic quests left the same. So I finished it quickly.
Now, that I have a bow, I’m approaching my victim – tourist zombie. Easy target I thought. DAMN, I was naive…
Zombies are tough. Way way more tougher than before! I think developers should make zombie recovery from knockdown a bit longer.

Skills and features

Interesting new bar: when you start crouching – new bar appears. It shows your visibility to zombies in percents. The longer you sit – the lower the bar. It helps for noobs like me at night.
Skill learning are tougher decision now. You get way less points, and skill tree is wider. So be wise, grasshopper!
Level grinding became longer, crafting requires more time to learn. But good loot (guns, bullets) appears more often than before.
Zombies became smarter. It’s strange, because some of them has only half of the heads.

Final thoughts

The 7 Days To Die became tougher, but more interesting game. In previous games, You could survive hordes with less effort. Now, You’ll die at first 7th night.
You depend more on Your friends than before, You got to be social. It’s good, if You are not a solo player.

Image source: The Fun Pimps

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