5 Best Christmas Gifts for Gamers in 2021

Saiba Khan

Only a few days have been left to Christmas and to celebrate the event, exchanging gifts is a great way. Having gamers in your friend list or family members may confuse you when it comes to deciding what to gift. Buying gaming gadgets would be the best option, but there are thousands of options, and it seems like a maze game where coming out is almost impossible.

Therefore, we jump in to help you decide the perfect gift for your friend or family members who love to play games. This article features the five best gaming products available in the market today that you can gift a gamer to win their heart. It contains the best headsets, monitors, controllers, games, and VR headsets, etc.

1. Headset – HyperX Cloud II

With the latest trend of online gaming, headsets have become the priority of gamers as it is necessary to enjoy the game and communicate with teammates during the live match. Whether you are a pc gamer or a console gamer, it doesn’t matter because a headset is essential for both.

HyperX Cloud II is the perfect gift for online gamers under 150$ with features equivalent to expensive headsets. It is a Bluetooth headset that works perfectly fine within the range of up to 60 feet away from the source device.  

2. Gaming monitor – BenQ EL2870U

It is a nightmare of many to share the common room TV with a gamer as a gamer will never opt to do anything other than gaming in their free time. Most gaming monitors also have TV features, including contrast and HDR colors, to make it easy for them to use with popular gaming consoles.

The BenQ EL2870U gaming monitor is a perfect package with all the necessary features at the given price point. Gift a gaming monitor to your gamer friend to enjoy their favorite games on their separate display and don’t have to fight with their family members to control the living room TV.

3. Blockbuster Games

No matter how good the gaming setup is, games are still the backbone of the gaming industry, as gaming items are nothing without them. If you think your friend has all the gaming-related devices, you can gift them their favorite games, which will cost you a lot less but still make them happy.

4. Premium Controllers

Maybe it is time for you to gift your gamer friend a new controller if you have been seeing them playing with the same controller for quite some time now. Many latest gaming controllers feature wireless connections, long battery life, and good connectivity to take the gaming experience to a whole new level.

5. VR Headset

This is the ear of VR gaming, and new inclusion to the list of available VR headsets in the market makes it harder for gamers to decide which is the best price-to-feature VR headset. Oculus Quest 2 is a VR headset under 350$ that doesn’t require any sensors to complete the setup. Gift a VR gaming headset to your gamer friends that they can use to play games and watch movies on it if they get some time from gaming.

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